You asked for it--and here it is! Why I love living this way, and how it works.

Temperature inside bedroom, 11°F on an extra-cold night? No problem!

Carry in 100 lbs of wood a day in winter? No problem!

No indoor plumbing? No problem!

Winters that last for 9 months? Okay, that one's a little tough on a gardener lol.

The challenges, the joys, and the surprising-to-me "what I miss most" thing--it's all here in our newest book.

Thanks for giving me a reason to think about it all, and a reason to write it. Hope you enjoy! :)

P.S. And thanks for giving me an excuse to dust off my very rusty drawing "skills," such as they are ;) I had a ball deciding what to draw, and how to get my feelings across about those things. My favorite illustration in the whole book? This one. GRRRR, those doggone gophers!


P.P.S. Speaking of "doggone," you will find a few colorful words in this book, because that's the way we talk at home. "Bitching." "Damn." And (cover your ears!) "Asskicking."

Softcover, 220 pages, black-and-white drawings. Only $15.99, plus $6.75 total shipping per order, no matter how many copies you buy!

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