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Oh Boy, Is It Snack Time??

We think of this book as a big bowl of snacks, for those who love to read :) Each easy to read, fun little essay covers 2 pages, so you can eat just one, if that's all you're in the mood for. But who wants to stop there? Snacks are made to be eaten by the handful! ;)

"Nature Lovers" is a collection of years' worth of Sally Roth's nature columns—hundreds of quick, easy, 2-page reads about birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, wildflowers....and skunks, skinks, cave crickets, and all sorts of other cool Nature things.

This is a book for readers. For nature-loving readers :) We put in a few of Matt's pics, done sketchy-style, but yep, it's chockfull of reading. And it's a nice chunky book: 6x9, with 424 pages. LOTS of fun reading!

And boy, are the subjects all over the map! Not in the mood for a mini Snickers bar? Try a handful of Doritos instead—there are snacks for every taste, all sorts of subjects in this big bowl.


Here's a sample of the Table of Contents. See what we mean? Yep, LOTS of great snacks in that bowl! (Hmm, maybe it's time to reread "The Beauty of Old Age"...)




Yes, it's a love affair with Nature in all her weird and wonderful ways. And we even squeezed in some personal stuff about our own love affair—how two nature-loving weirdos somehow managed to get together and live happily ever after :)